About Us

We are a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2015. We started out as Friends of Avondale Public Libraries several years ago. Since then, we have worked with community members and City of Avondale staff to expand our group to work with more city departments to improve quality of life in Avondale. 

Our mission is to support the City of Avondale’s libraries, recreation, parks and trails in a way that expands and improves resources and services to benefit our community. We supplement library, parks, and recreation funding to help provide and promote services that tax dollars may not reach. We do a variety of fundraisers and activities throughout the year and offer plenty of volunteering opportunities for our members. We know how important libraries and recreation are to a community and want to make sure that they are always able to provide wonderful resources to local citizens.

We work to:

  • Support Avondale's libraries and promote literacy
  • Support Avondale's parks and recreation to promote healthy, engaging and safe activities for residents of Avondale
  • Encourage community involvement
  • Raise funds to enhance library and recreation services, programs and facilities
  • Advocate for libraries and recreation when they are faced with budget cuts and other issues

In the past we have helped provide funding for:

  • Summer reading programs
  • Southwest Valley Writer's Conference
  • Book sales
  • Library facilities 

Join us to help enhance libraries and parks in our community. Become a member, donate, or just give us some of your time.